In Memory of 

Nancy S. Ledins, PH.D. CPE


Accomplishments In the Electrology Field


Dr. Nancy S. Ledins, PH.D was in the forefront of the electrology profession for almost thirty years. 

Just some of the contributions to the profession of Electrology.

  • Held four Doctorate Degrees which benefited greatly with knowledge and wisdom.

  • An electrology instructor in Colorado, Arizona, S. Carolina and California.

  • Lectured internationally (United States, Canada, Japan, Europe)

  • Conducted the first scientific survey of the needle electrology field(1982)

  • The first Chairperson of the newly developed International Board of Electrologist Certification (IBEC), working with Educational Testing Service (ETS) in developing and then monitoring the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) credentialing for seven years running.

  • Editor and originated the Journal of Electrology (JOE)

  • Chaired the committee in establishing the norms for continuing education in retaining the CPE through the Continuing Education Review Committee (CERC) .

  • Wrote her own electrology textbook.

  • Authored and published many articles on electrology;

  • Awarded an honorary Life-Time CPE by the American Electrology Association (AEA)

  • In addition to teaching, she had private practices in electrology and psychological testing and counseling.

  • Awarded honorary membership in the Electrology Association of North Carolina (EANC).

  • And much much more...through the dedication of Dr. Ledins, the leadership of Terri Petricca and with committees working together, much was accomplished to bring the profession to a level of respect and recognition by the FDA, FTC, CDC, established national certification and worked with states to secure licensure.

Memories from beloved colleagues

Nancy speaking at the 33rd Annual Educational Seminar 

In Loving Memory of 

Regina Rakar 



Posing with Terri Petricca at the 39th Educational Seminar